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supplying artwork

Ideally, all artwork should be supplied to us using our online uploader.

Artwork may only be emailed if their are problems using the uploader and if the file is less than 3Mb.

CDs will not be returned unless specifically requested at time of order.

ownership of artwork supplied by customers

We cannot be held responsible for any artwork copyright infringements on artwork supplied by customers. The customer must have permission to use all images, text and logos that are supplied to us.

When signing off a job, prior to printing, the customer acknowledges that copyright responsibility is held with themselves, and not Precision Print.


Before printing, all proofs need to be signed off. After final proof has been signed no alterations to text, colour etc can be made over the phone without a new proof being provided and signed accordingly.

Where possible, work will be uploaded via our login system and proofs will be signed off online digitally.

sign off

Artwork will only be processed on receipt of written, fax or email confirmation of the full order and receipt of payment, or authorised Purchase Order where agreed credit terms exist.

Our standard terms and conditions apply.

We accept files in the following format. Most applications should be able to save the file as one of these formats. our preferred format is Adobe PDF.

Please note that all text should be converted to curves (or rasterised) before uploading to us.

Please ensure that files sizes are less than 100Mb.

If you have any further questions please contact a member of our design team on 0845 884 4040.


Adobe InDesign

pdf files

We prefer all files to be supplied in this format (PDF).

Encapsulated Postscript (EPS)

eps files

Where you are using some of the other applications listed below, we can accept artwork output as Encapsulated Post Script file

Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Adobe Photoshop

illustrator / indesign / photoshop

Please save all Illustrator generated files into EPS or PDF files. With fonts converted to curves. For Indesign files, please ensure all fonts are converted to curves and all linked images are embedded. Photoshop files should be supplied with all layers flattened and text rasterised.

Corel Draw

corel draw

We can accept Corel Draw files ( X3 or below) with all fonts converted to curves.

Microsoft Publisher

microsoft publisher

Publisher files might not always be suitable for direct CMYK printing please contact us for further information.

Microsoft Word

microsoft word

We accept Word Documents when you are supplying us with text for us to design your artwork. We do not accept Word Documents for direct printing.

Quark Xpress

quark files

Please save all Quark files into EPS or PDF file format. When saving your file, please check everything is collected ready for print.