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How to Blend Images Effectively - November 2008

Designer's Corner

Welcome to this edition of Designer`s Corner.

We hope you all had a nice Christmas and New Year, as we`re back, we can get straight down to it. In this designer`s corner, we will take a look at the process of designing a menu that will make your restaurant stand out from your competitors.

The world of restaurants is a highly competitive market, therefore you need to attract customers to your shop, ahead of all the others in your area. Here, we will take you through how to achieve this.

How to Stand our from the Crowd - January 2009

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Step 1 - Colour choice

Colour is the most important choice you will make when designing your menu.

The first thing you need to be aware of is the colours that your competitors are using. If, on the whole, your competitors are using reds and oranges, then to ensure that your restaurant stands out, consider using greens, blues and purples.

Using colours that are completely different to your competitors ensures that when your menu sits in your customers draw, or drops through their letterbox, yours will be seen first.

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Step 2 - Editing your Images

The layout and size of your menus plays an equally important part in making sure that your menu makes a good first impression on potential customers. There are many folds you can choose from which all have their own advantages.

As with colour, have a look at the type of folds and size that your competitors are using. If your competitors use A4 leaflets folded in 3, then consider an A4 short fold leaflet. This leaflet fold is unusual and will encourage the customer to open it up and explore your menu and offers.

Use folds in create ways to enhance the contents of your menu, for example one panel could used to feature new dishes or your special offers.

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Step 3 - Image Placement

As featured in our previous designers corner, good image choice can improve the look of your menu greatly. When choosing your images is it important to keep in mind the colour scheme you have chosen for you menu and where you are likely to place the image.

It is of the upmost important when sourcing your images that you ensure that you are purchasing them from a reputable source. You need to read the terms and conditions of use carefully to make sure that you won't infringe the copyrights of the image in any way.

Choose images that are appealing to eye, with bright clean colours and attractive settings or backgrounds. Bear in mind that you can cut images out from their backgrounds and use them to place alongside a meal or dish.